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payment processing terminalOur credit card processing solutions are designed to promote efficiency in the office and cut overhead costs.  No matter what industry you hail from or your average credit card volume, we provide solutions to fit your specific business.  Contact us today and allow us to direct you to the solution that will work best, or, take a look at our whole suite of solutions and our proprietary, cost-saving virtual gateway.

integrated payment solutionsEvery one of our solutions began as an idea from a developer.  Do you work with a specialized accounting system that could use a seamless credit card processing integration?  Our development team would love to get in touch with you.  Simply provide us with your contact info and we’ll reach out to you.

merchant account partnershipsDo you provide a service that would benefit from adding an option to accept credit card payments seamlessly?  A partnership with CBS adds value to your products and ensures your customers stay with you longer.  Partners benefit from educational materials, landing pages, promotional email blasts, and a residual or SPIF plan.  Check out a comprehensive overview of our partner plan here.

merchant account resellers software partnersAre you a reseller of QuickBooks, Sage, NetSuite, or Microsoft Dynamics products?  Century’s solutions strengthen your own products, ensuring your customers do business with you longer.  Reseller partners benefit from landing pages, email blasts, press releases, and a residual or SPIF plan.  Start earning residuals today!


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